Monday, March 15, 2010

Tuck Everlasting

Tuck Everlasting
Natalie Babbitt
***** 5 Star

Winnie Foster, is a "snobby, selfish, only child,"living in a rich house filled with servants and other fancies, and she loves it all.

That is what everyone in town thinks she is like, but no one has ever seen her before, or met her in person. But Winnie Foster is just a normal ten-year-old girl, kept away from the outside world by her overprotective parents. In truth Winnie would give anything for a normal life, where she could have friends, and play till dark without worrying about getting her stockings dirty and missing piano lessons.
So one day, she decides to run away, and disappear from her families life, they would think she was kidnapped. But then she is kidnapped, after discovering a spring on her fathers property.
She is taken to the Tucks, a family who who after drinking from that very spring, now lives forever.
As Winnie spends her days at the Tucks, they tell her of their experiences watching life go by, and never growing older. But when a man discovers the Tucks secret, Winnie must help them escape before its too late. And she also must decide, whether or not to join the Tucks on their never ending journey.

This book was amazing. So much better than the movie, they always make the movies horrible compared to the books they are based on! This story is very full of emotion, and laughs, sometimes it is nice to read a non-deep book. Anyway, my favorite character was the Toad, yes the toad. He was always there just out of the characters sight, I though he was actually kind of cute, (sorry to those who are not fond of reptiles).
I like this book because it was full of funny scenes, and quirky romance. There may be some thematic elements in this book for future reference if you ever show interest in this book in the future. But this book is definitely a must read book! You can purchase this book at your local bookstore ~



  1. Hi! I really loved the movie so I know I will love the book even more! I also really like the cover of this book. Your reviews are really done well and are wonderful!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I totally agree about the movie! My teacher read this book to us and then we all watched the movie and thought the book was so much better! I love all of your reviews and look forward to trying out some more of the books you have read.

  3. Hey, I love this book. I read it a really long time ago and a few years later I watched the movie. It's a great story.

    I was just wondering if you've read Olivia Kidney by Ellen Potter?

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Hi! I'm Emma from

    I didn't read the book but I love the movie! It was a great review and I would rate it 5 stars too! :)