Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sisters Of The Sword Book Review

Sisters of the Sword
By: Maya Snow
*** Three Star

Sisters of the sword is an ok book, but there is ALOT of violence. Trust me, I have read tons of books in my time, and about 50% of them have a "little" blood shedding. So when I say alot of violence, I mean ALOT of violence, lots of important characters perish in this book. Usually thats ok, when there are a couple of dramatic deaths in a story. But in this book it was different, the first couple of deaths were sad. But then I just started to get tired of it, of all of the endings (if that's even possible). I mean, how many deaths can you fit in a book! To me, this books details and occurrences were a dramatic FAIL. But the only reason I gave it three stars at all, was because from my perspective, it was a good topic and would have made a good impression in my mind, if the author had really thought about WHAT she had included in the book. So if you are the kind of person who sits in front of a TV and laughs hysterically at a violent TV show, then this book was made for you.