Monday, February 8, 2010

Maximum Ride book review

Maximum Ride

By: James Patterson

* * * * * Five Star

I loved this book! I am officially obsessed! The description is amazing, I love that he doesn't just do a straight forward story, he adds little complications in the characters lives that grow more and more important as the story goes on until that small problem effects their whole lives completely. He also attaches little details that most authors don't take the time and care to do, those little details make the story whole. Some authors do attach details, but he has a way of keeping the the story going and making it flow together, every piece has a place on the puzzle of James Patterson's stories. I love Max! she is my favorite! He portrays her strong character, and how she does anything to protect her family very well, writing the story through Max's prospective was the best move James Patterson could have made in creating this series. He does a wonderful job of showing each characters personality and perspective about the world, through their decisions in life and and their actions, as well as their choice of words in the story. The whole book was wonderful, he puts every moment and picture crystal clear in the readers head. The story has wonderful structure and is beautifully written, every intense seen, every battle, every flight,  projects like a movie in your head, it keeps you reading till the last page. Maximum Ride was a delight to read. To find out more about this book go to for more details on this series.