Sunday, February 7, 2010

3 Years

The last three years of my life have been filled to the brim with words and pages , I have read roughly around 350 books, at least those are the ones that I actually was able to buy. I am a very lucky 12 year old, I have a great family, a great house, a very wonderful but creepy dog, I am very fortunate. But when I was younger every time I finished a new book I would think how adventurous the characters life was, and my own life then seemed so uninteresting compared to theirs. So I began to spend more time reading so I would never have to face the fact that the wonderful things that happened in the story's, would never happen to me in real life. When I read I actually feel like the character and I felt like I was seeing and feeling everything they experienced themselves. So I never stopped, I read all the time, when I finished a book, I would immediately pick up another. But it took me long enough to realize that I could have my own adventures, that I could have just as much fun as any character in a book, even it wasn't exactly the same. So I decided to start a blog on anything to do with books. Quoting from my mom, she told me that I could be in my golden years and have done nothing or, I could be in my golden years and have done everything I wanted and more.

- Olive