Thursday, December 30, 2010


I started this blog when I was 8 or 9 I think. I had NO idea how to do book reviews or any of that stuff. If you go back to my first couple, you could see that. I hated violence and all that, I HATED blood, I used to faint if I saw too much blood or the insides of something living. Thats when I did the Sisters Of The Sword book review, that was just over the edge. I'm 13 now and i'm better with that kind of stuff. When I reviewed that book I didn't even know the definition of constructive criticism. So I apologize to all those martial art obsesso's out there who happened to read this. I overreacted and shouldn't have gone crazy over a book. I was kind of offended back then that it was in the kids section, "luring little kids over with its pretty cover then filling their heads with "horrors". Quoted from my 8 year old mind. but I have learned to control my thoughts and If I have an opinion about something that Is different from another persons opinion that might be considered offensive. I will not write it out as a comment or post. I mean really CQ, its just A BOOK.