Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Girl Who Could Fly

The Girl Who could fly
Victoria Forester
***** 5 Star

Piper McCloud can fly, just like that, jump off a roof, then a couple seconds later, up in the clouds.
And she loves to fly, it is a part of her, and she could never stop unless she could not do it at all.
But the people of Lowland County don't like Piper, because she flies.
But Piper cannot stop, even though her Mother, and Father desperately need her to. So when an opportunity arises to go to a top secret school for kids just like her, she cannot wait to begin!
School is amusing and fun at first, with tons of new friends.
But she starts to realize that something at this school is not right, and when she discovers the truth, she must get her friends and herself out of the school that was made to secure their downfall to extinction.

Five star! I loved this book, it was a heart racing novel, full of action, suspense, and danger.
This book made you feel like you were right there as she experienced the joy of flying.
The Girl Who Could Fly, could not have been made any better! Sometimes seeing a "regular" girl do the impossible, makes the mental barrier between yourself, and your own dream a step closer.
My favorite character was Piper, she was a fun, loving character full of life and faith. She was my favorite because she was always full of hope, and kept everyone happy, this book would not have been the same without Piper, even if she was a little naive, and hardheaded.
This book is a major suggestion to those in need of a little inspiration.


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