Monday, February 22, 2010

Olives Ocean

Olives Ocean Book Review
By: Kevin Henkes
***** 5 Star!!!

Olives Ocean, is the best book I have ever read In my life!!! It's probably going to become a family heirloom some day. I am a very big Fantasy reader, when ever my mom suggested a Realistic Fiction book, I would immediately turn it down, because I thought that all books that didn't have any magic in them were straight out boring. (I guess I was a big stereo type) But then one day I got Olives Ocean for a birthday present from one of my classmates. I decided to read it, to be polite and because I'm pretty sure there was no more books around the house that I had not read besides that one. Olives Ocean was the best book I had ever read!!!!!! It had wonderful details, and the story was very emotional, the author fit random things into the story that usually wouldn't work in those kinds of books. But he made them work in a way that I felt like the book wouldn't have been the same without it. This book was packed with laugh out loud's, and things that could make you cry like my "slightly" weird friend. This book couldn't have been done better, Martha was definitely my favorite character. She was very self conscious and got embarrassed easily, but as the book went on the events that occurred changed her. I thought that her way of trying to cover up her red hair was very funny, and interesting. This book was the first Realistic Fiction book that I ever read. And it gave me the best introductory I could ever get to a whole new kind of genre I had never took the time to explore. So if you have not read this book yet, for your own sake, DO!!! Go to for more details.


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