Monday, February 22, 2010

Isabel Of The Whales

Isabel Of The Whales
Hester Velmans
*****5 Star
Eleven-year-old Isabel is a "plain old" girl living in Province town, Massachusetts, who believes she is destined for something special. When her class goes whale watching (a trip she has been anticipating for a long time). Something amazing happens! Dozens of species of whales surround the boat, bumping the the deck and sending Isabel over the railing and into the ocean. Underwater, Isabel cannot comprehend when the whales speak to her. They tell her she is able to turn into a whale and back again. She is destined to live among the whales, though she desperately wants to go home.

As she starts to warm up to her pod, living with them is fun, at first. Isabel gets attached to her new family, especially one male in particular and she starts to think she would like it if she stayed with the whales. But she gets injured and she can go back to her own world now, from which she can not return. She must make a decision, and being caught between two worlds become more difficult than she could have ever imagined.

This book was definitely one of my favorite books, I can't really describe it, but there was something different about this story, that makes me wan't to read it over, and over again. But I can tell you that this book is full of romance, laughs and a story of adventure, emotion, and lots more. So watch out Little Mermaid, here comes Isabel!


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  1. Sounds interesting! I need to be in the mood for a really emotional book, they tend to take a lot out of me.