Thursday, June 23, 2011

Blue Is For Nightmares

Blue Is For Nightmares
Laurie Faria Stolarz
*****5 Stars

"I Know Your Secret......"

Stacy Brown has lots of secrets - her crush on her best friend Drea's boyfriend, the spells she casts, and the nightmares that come true. Now she's dreaming about Drea and a psycho stalker. And signs are showing that the nightmares of her dreams may come true. Saving Drea will take all the magic and courage Stacy's got. And everyones secrets will have to come out. And if she doesn't save Drea in time, the horrors of the past may come back in a terrifying relapse that will leave someone dead......

I was obsessed with this book. It was amazing.
The heart pounding suspense, and descriptions, and rising dread. You felt all of these things right along with the characters.
This book was absolutely, utterly terrifying, in an extremely good way.
Just, read it.


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