Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Antique Book Shopping~ The Difference Between Today's, And Then

Antique Book Shopping ~ The Difference Between Today's, And Then

Sometimes I get my books from antique stores. Their covers are so interesting.  Most people who get antique books put them on display, maybe as a center piece.  But, when I get an old book, I like to read them.
People spent a lot more time on books back in the olden days, most of them were hand sewn. Back then books weren't just an art in regards to writing, they were admirable on the outside too. People back then cherished books, nowadays books are shoved in boxes all glossy and jammed into some dusty shelf for people to abuse, either it be a library or a bookstore. I mean I love to admire my old books as well.  But I enjoy reading them because they have more depth to them. The authors didn't care if it had to have a happy ending or not. They didn't care if maybe other people wouldn't like them, if maybe they would get bored. Also the most "important" question: will it sell, will it make them money. Because over the years, a kind of "rule book" has been made in the minds of authors. That you must obey their rules when you write. I am not saying books now are not good, I am just telling people to look at Louisa May Alcott stories, for example, or Jane Austen. I love those books, they were very deep and emotional. Authors probably don't realize this yet, but those books sold, those authors got famous, because they didn't care what other people thought, they just wrote. 

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