Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Night Children

The Night Children
Kit Reed
***** 5 Star

Inside the Castertown MegaMall, the biggest mall in the world, live the night children-runaways, abandoned kids, kids who got lost and were never found. They only come out at night, after all the shoppers are gone.
When Julie Devereaux visits the mall after the mysterious disappearance of her aunt, she becomes a pawn in the war between two gangs of night children: the Castertown Crazies, led by the stalwart Tick Stiles, and the Dingos, whose leader is the batty Burt Arno.
What the night children don't realize is that the megalomaniacal owner of the MegaMall, billionaire Amos Zozz, knows all about them. To him, they are vermin- "rats" living in his beautiful mall-that he plans to exterminate. And Julie, Tick, Burt and the rest of the night children must join forces if they want to survive.

This book was exceptional (every time I do a new review I have to come up with a new word to describe the book). I really liked how Kit Reed went through all the different perspectives of the situation, from Amos Zozz (the evil dude) to Julie Devereaux (the main character). Most authors cannot switch from perspective, to perspective without getting something mixed up, (minus Kit Reed i'm happy to say). Also, I love all the names! They are so weird and interesting at the same time, sometimes when I am bored in class or something I start thinking about what interesting names I give my kids when i'm older. The Night Children opened up a whole new selection for me.

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