Monday, April 5, 2010

Kiki Strike Inside The Shadow City

Kiki Strike  Inside The Shadow City
By: Kirsten Miller
***** 5 Star

Life will never be the same for Ananka Fishbein after she ventures into an enormous sink hole near her New York City apartment. Ananka knows she has stumbled upon a big secret,  but she has no idea exactly how big. Not only does she discover the Shadow City beneath Manhattan's bustling streets, she meets the mysterious Kiki Strike, a black-clad, vespa-riding, cafe-au-lait-drinking girl who seems to appear and vanish like magic. Join these girls in a battle against man-eating rats, team up with delinquent Girl Scouts, and explore a underground labyrinth  in this novel about a darker side of New York City you have just begun to know about.

You are going to start seriously thinking I am a softie and don't give any books low ratings. But there are reasons. I am reviewing books from my favorite section like I told you in my profile. But once in awhile I'll review a not-so-good book.
Anyway, this novel was exceptional! I'll actually admit, that for awhile after I read the book, I was dressing all in black, but then my friends started to think I was beginning to dress on the darker side, so I stopped. Kiki Strike was my idol, I actually was hoping to ride a Vespa, (haven't gotten to it yet). Besides her hobbies and fashion sense, I also loved her confidence, how she just had that "No fear" attitude 24-7. This book is unique and it made even me wish there was a giant sink hole near my house too.
This book also got me started on other books with that discover-a-secret-city topic, like The Night Tourist, (see review on my blog). So read this book, and if you can, try an Au Lait and tell me how it tastes.
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